Tether Assembly

Tether components included
1. 1-Heavy duty carabiner
2. 1-Bungee tether leash
3. 1-Two piece interlocking anchoring grommet
4. 4-Round pliable grommet spacers(2 large, 2 small)

Place an optional grommet spacer on each half of the grommet. Place the receiver side of the interlocking grommet into the pre-cut opening of the mat. Press and twist the grommet receiver and end plate together until you feel the two halves CLICK together into the locked position. If you are unable to lock the halves together, you may need to replace the pliable spacers with the smaller size or remove them completely. Repeat the assembly process until you feel the grommet click into the locked position.

Note: If it doesn’t click together, the grommet halves will not interlock and your mat will not be secure.