About Us

PurdyMats came to fruition while being out on the lake one weekend with the family and we noticed a smaller version of a floating water mat.  We just thought that was just cool, the kids went crazy over it and we started doing a little research.  Having a somewhat smaller swim platform on our boat, this would just really open up the play space for the family to relax and reduce crowding on the boat itself.

Well, research led me to a few manufacturers that wanted an arm and a leg for the mats.  So we set out to create an offering that’s not only affordable to most boaters or lake lovers, but also a product with great quality that would last.

We commissioned a facility to produce these mats from our specs and the main objective of keeping the mats affordable.  As you can see, we succeeded in bringing an extra large version to the market while making it affordable.

I hope that Your family enjoys these like many others whom we’ve sold too.  Lake Life at its best!!



The Purdy Family